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E-Commerce Made ACCESSIBLE

Leading the digital transformation revolution by making E-Commerce accessible for all.

About Elevate50

Elevate50 is a joint initiative between Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) and MakanE, which aims to provide 50,000 opportunities in select markets to join the digital revolution by enabling start-ups and SMEs to sell their products online through their own e-commerce platforms.

The Idea

The idea came to be after DCO had decided to launch an initiative that aims to accelerate the digital transformation of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs, especially in developing countries, so they chose a partner that can offer them easy accessibility to advanced E-Commerce technologies.


Therefore, Elevate50's concept was created in 2021 after forming a partnership between Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) and MakanE. This partnership aims to provide 50,000 e-commerce stores to SMEs, start-ups, business owners, and entrepreneurs in multiple sectors.



Supporting Start-Ups

Elevate50 aims to support start-ups led by women, youth, and aspiring entrepreneurs in multiple regions such as Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.


Creating Jobs

Elevate50's initiative will help economies create more job opportunities within local communities.

Increasing Exports

Elevate50 will ultimately help developing economies increase their exports by leveraging the local SMEs' ability to trade both locally and internationally.

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Home Accessories

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Food and Beverage

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Homemade Products

E-Commerce Journey 


Why Choose Elevate50?

Our approach is different.

YOU will be the key decision-maker!

Elevate 50 cares about your growth as an investor and an entrepreneur. We will give you full control over your project and the technological edge that you'll need to grow your online business.

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Riyadh, 7008, King Fahad Rd., Al-Muhammadiyah, Dist. Unit No. 1000, Saudi Arabia

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